Christmas cooking

Made some Finnish Christmas cookies and pastries with Mia. Joulutortut & piparkakut, Christmas tarts & gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread cookie dough was a bit too soft so they did not hold their shape quite right but the taste was right.

We made one batch of the Christmas tarts with ready made fillo dough because I was going to go the easy way. They tasted somewhat right but texture was way too dry. So then I thought WTF (“Winterly True Family Event”) needs my dough made from scratch. They in the picture looking and tasting so much more right and better.

2014 XMAS (17)

Christmas tarts and gingerbread cookies

2014 XMAS (41)

Round of “Rosolli” and seafood, herring and salmon prepared in few ways, along with Finnish rye sourdough and potato rye breads

2014 XMAS (44)

Karelian pies, “Karjalanpiirakat”

2014-12-31 New Year's Franken cake (1)

Our traditional “Franken” cake. Half caramel cake, half lingonberry cake. meidän perinteinen “Frankenkakku”. Puolikas kinuskikakku ja puolikas puolikkaista.

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