One step at a time by Mia

Mia made another painting – a pair of sneakers hanging from the wire, called One step at a time. It is a monotone acrylic painting where she was only allowed to use shades of orange and black. Great job, Mia!

That’s me

That’s me doing what I like to do to relax. This was last year’s event with colleagues from work. Cooking event at Kaspar’s for the team. Thanks Robin for doing this for the team, it was a lot of fun. Any resemblance with the caricature?

High School Girl’s Soccer

Mia has been practicing hard and playing soccer all Fall in her school’s soccer team. Their school district playoffs went really well leading them to play for gold or silver in the state championship game last weekend, Bear Greek Grizzlies vs. Napavine Tigers in Sumner at the Chevron Sunset Stadium. The game was pretty excitingContinue reading “High School Girl’s Soccer”