Mia’s book art

Mia did some tedious work to create art off of a book, that is pretty thick with lots of pages. The book is called A Thousand Days by John F. Kennedy. Mia took sections of pages and drew a picture on the top, repeating that digging deeper in the book for series of images, carving pieces out that are not needed in a given layer. Result is a 3D image of the scenery and it is just a great idea that looks a beautiful piece of art.

Here’s the book

And here’s what you see when you open it

Fancy cupcakes

Mia made some cupcakes today. One could say for Easter but really she made them to have something to do. They look quite delicious. I can’t taste one though because I am not eating lots of carbs and sugar for now. Bummer!


The Perfect Sukiyaki recipe

Andrei wanted me to make some Sukiyaki for dinner before he heads back to school in Oregon. Here’s the recipe for the perfect Sukiyaki I have been making for years.

Before you do anything & to get in the mood, you put on some inspiring music, such as Great Rock’N’Roll Swindle by Sex Pistols.

First, you take 3oz of Jameson and pour it in a rocks class with ice.

Jameson, ice, and some cooking props

Then, you add some Pellegrino.

Jameson, ice and Pellegrino

Next thing you need is some rice cooking, a wok, and some Sukiyaki sauce (secret recipe).

Sukiyaki sauce, rice & wok

Then you got some Sukiyaki ingredients, prepped in advance.

Sukiyaki ingredients

Then you whip it up.

Sukiyaki in progress

Now, you switch on some traditional Japanese music – like Hideo Osaka Ensemble, and Satomi Saeki & Alcvin Takegawa Ramos.

And there it is, Sukiyaki & Sake Sake dinner with some green tea.

Sukiyaki dinner