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A few songs I really like.

These are Mia’s senior year high school photos. Looking great! The photos were taken by Madeline Manalo. Madeline did a great job with Mia resulting to stunning pictures. I put some of them together into a short video clip.

My friend, Cowboy Dan, on the piano (in the back of his truck)

Andrei playing acoustic guitar – “From the beginning” by Emerson Lake & Palmer, “Where do you think you’re going” by Dire Straits, “Minor swing” by Django Reinhardt, “I’d love to change the world” & “Once there was a time” by Ten Years After.

Andrei playing Smoke On The Water with Deep Purple recording from Machine Head album playing in the background. He was recently practicing the song in order to get down the solo parts. Sounding great!

Andrei plays Jockey Full of Bourbon with Joe Bonamassa recording, original song by Tom Waits. Andrei has been listening to this song by Tom Waits, and also performances by John Hammond and Joe Bonamassa. He has not been practicing the song much yet but he knows the key it is in. The result sounds pretty damn good.

Andrei performs at school. First song is an improvised guitar duel. The second one is “Black dog” (by Led Zeppelin) with a 4-piece band

Andrei improvises & lays guitar on Grinning In Your Face – On top of a cappella recording by Back Porch Blues (written by Son House)

Andrei plays Shake your moneymaker by Elmore James (with recording by Elmore James)

Andrei plays Voodoo Child (By Jimi Hendrix)

Off The Rail plays a short version of Moby Dick (By Led Zeppelin), and then Purple Haze (By Jimi Hendrix)

Andrei practicing with Shane

For more videos Andrei practicing at home, see Pekka’s Channel on YouTube

Obi’s first sheep herding experience

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