Skiing Mt. Crystal

Andrei, Cliff & I went to ski at Mt Crystal on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous & sunny, blue sky with no clouds. The snow was powdery. It could not have been a better day & conditions for skiing.

We went all the way up & started skiing. On the top we got awesome views of Mt Rainier as it stands up right next to Mt Crystal. Unfortunately for me, on our second run I was making turns on a steep slope in Snorting Elk bowl when I all of a sudden heard a cracking and popping sound coming from my left ankle followed by lot of pain. I have no idea what happened but I could not put any weight on my left leg. It seemed fine walking or standing but the minute I tried to ski and make turns I could not.

I had to ski the whole mountain down with one ski & leg, holding the other one up. That was a good workout for my right quads. Andrei & Cliff went back up and skied the rest of the day while I was hanging out at the base sun bathing.

After all, it was a good day to be out there & get lots of fresh air. And a terrible sun burn on the face. 

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