Mid-Winter afternoon in Kuusamo, Finland – 2001

Mia painted an oil painting for Father’s Day for me. She gave it to me in advance since she won’t be home for Father’s Day. She is going to Philadelphia for the summer on the 13th. When she showed me the painting she did not have to explain what or where it was about, I knew it immediately when I saw it. It is based on photo from December 2001 at our cabin in Kuusamo, Finland when we spent the Christmas holidays there. The photo was taken on an early afternoon when it is still light but the lighting is getting very limited even though the sun was out that day. She based her painting on both the original photo, and an edited version of with lighter exposure and more shadows. The painting came out beautiful and it really captures well the atmosphere and the lighting conditions that day, including the temperature that was around 30 degrees Celsius below zero (that’s about -22 degrees Fahrenheit).

So here are the painting and the two photos it is based on. You’ll also notice that the photo has something on it that did not make it to the painting. It is an old fashioned sledge (Hoijakka) in the ice of the frozen lake. My uncle, Kalevi, made it for the kids to enjoy (and for all kid minded too) .

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