A problem after another, repeatedly – sigh…

Those water leak problems I mentioned in one of my earlier posts just seem to follow me now. Couple of years back I switched our Internet access from DSL to Verizon FIOS (now Frontier). When the Verizon crew came to our house to lay the fiber down from the curb to the house they started digging a trench for the cable. I was not home but Donna was and told them to be careful not to break the sprinkler pipes as they were down there as well. They acknowledged and continued the project. Donna went inside and five minutes later the guy is knocking on the door saying.. um, I think I broke the sprinkler pipe.

We close the valve & they call their other guys to come and fix the pipe. They finished the work and left. Donna went out and turned the water on and water is bursting from the ground. Their fix was no good. They came back the same day and fixed it again, and now it all seemed to work fine.

Now, couple of years later we had water company guys at our curb and knocking on the door and telling us we have leak somewhere in the house. We discovered it was the sprinkler pipe again as suspected it is the same fix two years before that just cave in and probably broke again.

We called in a sprinkler company guys to come and check it out and fix it. They arrived 7am this morning. And sure enough, the fix cable company had done two years back was leaking again. So now the sprinkler guys started digging. You might guess where this is going. We told them to be careful as the fiber cable is down there near the sprinkler pipe. We went inside leaving them to do their work.

While inside, I was checking on my emails and seemed to have some trouble getting on the Internet. I reset my WiFi router as there was some thundering going on as well and I thought maybe my network got in a bad state because of that. Nope, that did not help. I tried accessing mail on my mobile phone without WiFi. Works fine. Wait, landline phone is not working either (it is on the same fiber cable). Can’t be just coincidence. I went outside to check…Yup, the boys broke the fiber cable. Also, a bit surprising that the Verizon guys laid down the cable with no conduit around it to protect it from incident like this.

Called Frontier and they were helpful but won’t have technician available until on Monday. So our phone & Internet are down until at least Monday or Tuesday.


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