The Perfect Sukiyaki recipe

Andrei wanted me to make some Sukiyaki for dinner before he heads back to school in Oregon. Here’s the recipe for the perfect Sukiyaki I have been making for years.

Before you do anything & to get in the mood, you put on some inspiring music, such as Great Rock’N’Roll Swindle by Sex Pistols.

First, you take 3oz of Jameson and pour it in a rocks class with ice.

Jameson, ice, and some cooking props

Then, you add some Pellegrino.

Jameson, ice and Pellegrino

Next thing you need is some rice cooking, a wok, and some Sukiyaki sauce (secret recipe).

Sukiyaki sauce, rice & wok

Then you got some Sukiyaki ingredients, prepped in advance.

Sukiyaki ingredients

Then you whip it up.

Sukiyaki in progress

Now, you switch on some traditional Japanese music – like Hideo Osaka Ensemble, and Satomi Saeki & Alcvin Takegawa Ramos.

And there it is, Sukiyaki & Sake Sake dinner with some green tea.

Sukiyaki dinner


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